301 w. Northern Lights. Blvd.
Suite 440
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

4th Avenue, downtown Anchorage, circa 1953

Anchorage skyline today

4th of July parade, downtown Anchorage, circa 1918

About the Atwood Foundation

Perhaps no family has had more influence on the development of Alaska's social, economic and civic life than that of Bob Atwood and his wife, Evangeline Rasmuson Atwood.

Over a period of almost 70 years, Bob, Evangeline and their daughters Marilyn and Elaine made change and progress a part of their lives. Their efforts and leadership inspired visions of greatness and hope among those who were part of Alaska in territorial days and in the years that followed after statehood became a realty.

The Atwood Foundation was established for the benefit of the people of Anchorage, Alaska & vicinity, particularly the young people, through assisting financially in the initiation, completion and maintenance of non-profit organizations of the fine arts, journalism, history and other civic enterprises.

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